Frequently Asked Questions

Does your gate stay closed 24 hours/day?

- The gate remains closed at all times. It can be opened by entering your private gate code on the keypads, by calling our customer service team at (979) 661-8787, or by sending a text from a cell phone linked to your account.

How big are the doors to your units?

- Most of our units are 10 ft wide (10x10, 10x15, 10x20, 10x40). The roll-up doors on the 10 ft units are 8.5 ft wide. The units are named using "width" x "depth". So 12x30 is 12 ft wide and 30 ft deep.

10x10 / 10x15 / 10x20 / 10x40:
- Door openings are 8.5 ft wide and 7 ft from top to bottom. The ceiling is another foot or so higher than the door opening.

12x30 roll-up doors
- Openings are 10.5 ft wide and 7 ft from top to bottom.

12x30 Swinging doors
- Openings are 12 ft wide and 9 ft from top to bottom.

Do you offer student discounts?

- Yes! Call (979) 661-8787 today and ask about our student discount! Show a current, valid student ID from a university in the Bryan College Station area and get 10% off our advertised rate. Be sure to mention you saw the discount online.

Do you offer electricity in any units?

- Not currently, however we plan to add power to some units in the future at a slightly higher price point.

Do you provide locks?

- Yes, a lock is already provided on the unit when you sign up. We change the combination after each move-out to ensure your unit is secure. You are welcome to use your own lock, however when you move out you must leave our lock on the door.

Are there security cameras on site?

- Yes! There are multiple cameras installed around the facility and at the entrance. Everyone that enters or exits the facility is being recorded. Violations of our lease agreement will not be tolerated, and we will notify the police of any suspicious activity immediately.